Allegany County is comprised of 29 Towns and 10 Villages. These are Census population estimates for 2021. The largest Village, Wellsville, has a population of 4,630 in the Village proper. The Town of Wellsville, including the Village, has 7,031 residents. Other Villages are Alfred (3,786), Cuba (1,539), Bolivar (1,029), Andover (912), Belmont (853) and Angelica (719). The smallest Villages are Canaseraga (467), Almond (405), and Richburg (417). There are some Hamlets that are designated by the Census Bureau and they are actually more populated than some Villages such as Houghton CDP at 1,734, Friendship CDP at 1,158, Belfast CDP at 823, and Fillmore CDP at 404. The smallest Towns have populations under 500 people, including Ward (329), West Almond (279), and Birdsall (192).