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Making Meaning in an Uncertain World

July 16, 2022 @ 7:30 pm
How do we make meaning in an uncertain world? Sometimes it can help to look skyward as artist Bill Gilbert suggests. Inspired by his masterclass “walking constellations” this will be an evening dedicated to the process of making meaning by going outwards into the unknown. Whether this quest takes the form of walking or material finding — these artists are guided by the unexpected encounters created within their environment. Spend the night witnessing how the star points of constellation Cygnus the swan is mapped on the ground by Bill Gilbert and collaborators. Watch and see Melanie Aceto and her dancers transform ordinary objects into animated choreographic potential. Listen and witness Jonathan Golove, Bill Sack, and Matias Homar find musical harmony in the unlikeliest of sources. Join us for what is sure to be a memorable closing night.
Alfred University is piloting a unique summer festival for interdisciplinary collaboration designed as a creative incubator for artists to interact with other artists. Directed by Stanzi Vaubel, PhD, of The Indeterminacy Festival, these nightly “salon style” events are intended to share the creative work and process of this years visiting and emerging artists with Alfred community and festival participants.

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