Houghton Forest Trails

Houghton University
1 Willard Avenue
Houghton, NY 14744
  • Wilderness Adventures: 585-567-9254


Nestled within the Genesee River Valley
and surrounded by the rolling hills of
Western New York, the Houghton University
forest provides one of the best places for
hiking in northern Allegany County. The
forest features 4+ miles of trails that are
open year-round to students, community
members, and the general public.

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Please help us care for our forest by packing out all your waste and abiding by the following guidelines: • Trails are for pedestrian use only (including skiing). • Camping and fires are permitted only in designated areas and require registration with Wilderness Adventures. • Use only dead, downed wood for fuel and completely extinguish fires before departure. • Hunting is not permitted without written permission from the Director of Campus Safety and Security. • The following are PROHIBITED at all times: vehicular traffic, bicycles, horses, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and firearms. • Do not walk in ski tracks during winter.
Photo - Houghton Forest Trails