175th Allegany County Fair

July 11, 2019

County fairs are the best of the best coming together and sharing of talents, creativeness, history, and everything a county is. From its agriculture and livestock, to entertainment, demonstrations, and competitions . . . it’s for the people, the communities within its borders, and all the goodness each brings to the table. Allegany County does all that, and does it well. It is one of the best little fairs in the State that delivers so much for so little. 

This year they have been busy making sure the 175th birthday goes down as the year it was dedicated to all . . . all those who have been involved in it for many years, those who have just became associated with it, and all those who keep coming to it through yesterday, today, and in the future. They have been holding special drawings for prizes as the fair week approaches, and their newly constructed Facebook page is a great tool for information on everything about the fair.

Things that always take place at the Allegany County Fair are plenty. There are the 4-H displays of everything the kids have worked on throughout the year. The Domestics’ Building contains all the many arts, crafts, needlework, fine arts, and multi-media entries from the creative residents of the county. The antique displays of tractors, engines, and actual items of bygone days bring back many memories. The educational building contains artwork from a number of Allegany County students—some great upcoming talents every year.

There is the horse showing, the poultry, rabbits, swine, goat, and cow judging. The Boys and Bull Rodeo, the Car Show, the Baby Contest, the Talent Show Competition, and of course the carnival rides, and all the musical entertainment.

There are the foods too. Fowler’s Taffy, fried dough, cotton candy, candy apples, sausage sandwiches, and those fried chicken wings served with Georgeanne’s Spunky Sauce must have. Don’t forget the daily specials at the school stands as well. 

There are two buildings full of assorted vendors that sell just about anything, and include many popular organizations and businesses too. 

There is something on the fairgrounds for everyone to connect with in one way or another. And you’ll find your own smile about something while there as well . . . perhaps seeing the happiness of a small child enjoying their first time at the fair . . . perhaps watching someone helping out another in need . . . or perhaps just out of the pure enjoyment of the atmosphere.

 Whatever, you will find your smile at our fair!!

For more information on the Allegany County Fair along with exhibiting information, list of events, go online to http://www.alleganycountyfair.org/.