The Western NY Wilds Entices Visitors with New Campaign to Discover ‘Art in Nature’

March 3, 2020

BELMONT – On Monday, the Western NY Wilds Offices of Planning, Development, and Tourism, launched their newest marketing communications campaign aimed at enticing visitors to explore the “Art in Our Nature;” from the works of art created by the many talented artists and artisans tucked within the hills, to the wildly beautiful landscapes that are like works of art in themselves.  The “Art in Our Nature” marketing communications campaign is the first to be rolled out under Allegany County’s new branding as the Western NY Wilds.  From the creative collaboration of Josiah Brown, the NY Sherpa and Destination Marketing consultant behind the new brand, Genesee Valley Media, and the Western NY Wilds Office of Tourism, the campaign launched its first video across social media on Monday.

“In the months since launching our new branding as the Western NY Wilds we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from the county-wide community and leaders across business, government, and the tourism industry,” said Gretchen Hanchett, Executive Director of the Greater Allegany County Chamber of Commerce, which contracts with the county for Tourism.  “We’ve also had a significant amount of interest from Allegany County businesses and organizations who want to identify themselves with the Western NY Wilds brand, which is very exciting.  The launch of the ‘Art in Our Nature’ marketing communications campaign is the next step in telling the Western NY Wilds story.”

The marketing communications campaign will feature content that highlights the Western NY Wilds population of artists and artisans, the deep relationship with nature that exists here and inspires human creativity, and celebrates the wild natural beauty that is evident all around us.  The campaign will run throughout the spring and summer seasons into October, culminating with the Allegany Artisans Studio Tour Weekend.

“A unique attribute of our county is the density of our creative talent,” continued Hanchett.  “With the launch of this new marketing communications campaign, we’re inviting visitors to experience the range of creative talent we have available here; visitors have access to a variety of artistic experiences– whether through learning in a class, shopping for unique artisan works, or being inspired to capture the beauty of the Wilds for themselves.”

The ‘Art in Our Nature’ campaign will target visitors across digital and traditional marketing mediums, including print, social media platforms, video, and email.

More information on the Western NY Wilds can be found at  The ‘Art in Our Nature’ video can be found at