Welcome to Allegany County New York!

November 22, 2019

Allegany County New York has many adventures awaiting you with our rich American history, famous people, places, true heroes, and its hidden natural beauty. It is one of the last pristine rural areas that makes what we have an attractive draw to those who are looking for the perfect place to start families, a safe place to raise kids in an environment away from life’s stress and conflicts. Many of those from larger cities already own second homes here where they come for relaxation with their family and friends.

From the days of dirt roads, native Indians and patriots, and having horse and buggy transportation, not much has changed. With the Amish are gaining in population here, and with our many acres of woodlands and dirt roads, you may still experience similar sights on our roads today as from times past.

There is so much to see and do in our backyard that hardly a day goes by when there is absolutely nothing happening here. We have so much going on in all seasons, in all kinds of weather, that your calendar will be full of things to do. From hiking, skiing (both water and snow), swimming, fishing, boating, camping, kayaking, and nature watching, to paint ball, ATV trail riding, snowmobiling, golfing, and hunting, you will love our outdoors. The mighty Genesee River, the only river that travels north, is at the heart of our county.

Not into any of those? Not to worry. We have tons of great history for you to discover that goes back to the times of the Indians and the beginning of our nation, to today and modern ti

mes. From a time of no roads, and our forefathers settling this land, to today when those times are being brought forward to the national limelight by way of Hamilton—the popular New York City play.


Our ancestors who came before us helped give us the freedoms we enjoy, and yes, Allegany County has its share of military heroes who have given their all with the laying down of their lives. Some did so in a huge way with the saving of many others lives—true American Heroes.


We have organizations to keep busy in our communities for both children and adults, males and females. There are the Lions, Lioness Clubs, and a new Jr. Lions Club; Boys and Girl Scouts, 4-H groups, Masons, and the Order of the Eastern Star. There are entrepreneurial organizations for young business owners, and we are home to many successful inventions. Most every town has a volunteer fire department that is always looking for new members and auxiliary members. There are Pee-Wee, high school, and college sports for children to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Still looking for more? Cuba is home to a Seneca Gaming Casino and the Palmer Opera House which bring in national entertainment acts. Houghton College, and Alfred State University both have classical music programs, and most towns have live entertainment in one of the many night spots on weekends.

When it comes to spirituality and religion, Allegany County is as diversified there as are its citizens. Our neighbors have beliefs different from one to another. Places of worship are found throughout the county where guest visitors of all faiths are welcomed to partake in services.

We have everything needed to enjoy a life full of all things that really count in today’s world. We are one of the last frontiers with so much to offer of wonder, beauty, and an abundance of natural wildlife.

With a population of nearly 47,000 residents, Allegany County is made up of 29 towns and 10 villages. There are no cities . . . so how do we live and shop? We have grocery stores, car dealerships, bus services, hairstylists, restaurants, delis, colleges, banks, credit unions, hospitals, pharmacies, senior citizen housing units, farms, and enough artisans, entrepreneurs, and small, unique eclectic shops to satisfy whatever our needs are. Discover a taste of what is found here through the sections that follow.