Wellsville Balloon Rally – Third week in July

May 31, 2019

From the earliest of ages, we all learn to love balloons. There simplicity of an envelope filled with air or gas makes children happy. From their palette of eye-catching colors against a clear, blue sky, at a birthday party, bouncing them around and popping them for fun, we slowly grow to adults and the silk-bodied variety that carries passengers across our skies. Yes, balloons and our love for them is never-ending Allegany County hosts one of the area’s premier balloon rallies each July in the town of Wellsville, and the events take place all week long.


It begins on Sunday, July 13th with the annual Balloon Rally Parade coming down Main Street.

The parade is the opening highlight of the week, and includes a great line up of participants. You’ll want to arrive an hour prior to the 11:00 am start time and stake out your spot to get the best view—or shady spot if it’s hot, sunny day. The crowd swells the curb sides, and you may have to stand or be in a second-row seating if you are late.


Other activities during the week include the annual Brain Tingler competition on the David A. Howe Library lawn sponsored by the the WJQZ 103.5 FM radio station. People compete in trivia questions for some great prizes from area businesses, and you never know what the questions may be.

There are also the sidewalk sales on Saturday where over 200 vendors come to Wellsville’s Main Street from far and wide. You will find something to purchase or to dine on, and live musical entertainment.

Fisher’s Pharmacy always has an abundance of deals on their merchandise!


The hub of the balloon rally takes place next to the Genesee River at Island Park just off of Route 19. Parking is limited near the park; however, the K-Mart/Tops parking lot does have plenty of parking and shuttle service is available to and from the park.

Balloonists are scheduled to lift off a number of times during the weekend, usually early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Launches of the balloons is weather dependent. There are plenty of vendors at Island Park too including festival type cravings of fried dough, French fries, and Italian Sausages. There are also evening afterglows of balloons, more musical entertainment, and the conclusion of a very nice fireworks display over the river!

And, the most important perhaps is that it is a totally FREE event. Bring your family, friends, neighbors. There is nothing better to do on a summer day than to watch sky flying balloons going up and away as you feel the warm sun while sitting in the shade of the park.

For more information on this year’s events, go online to the Greater Wellsville Balloon Rally Facebook page. For more on things to do in the Wellsville area check out the Discover More part of the Discover Allegany County New York website.


*This year’s beautiful Greater Wellsville Balloon Rally Poster is the creation of Tracy Hetzel, a highly successful modern-day prominent artist born and raised in Wellsville.


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