This beautiful southern region of Western New York is waiting for you to plan your visit, pack your car and arrive. Visiting Allegany County will remind you that nature has more to offer than the resources we use daily, it’s a playground, a classroom, an escape, and even a social event. Find yourself hooked on the endless opportunities of each day and recharge as you take on a nature lovers paradise. There’s a reason it’s called the great outdoors and the only way to find out is to get out there.

Allegany County offers over 54,000 acres of combined state and county owned land that is free and open to the public. Every inch of the grounds serves as the home for an abundant array of wildlife.

If you are looking for something new

If you are looking for something new to experience during your next adventure, birding is the perfect solution. Photographing and observing the indigenous and migratory birds that fill the region will captivate you. The simplicity of birding makes it a great activity for everyone, from young to old this is a perfect way to reconnect with nature. To get started all you need to do is get a pair of binoculars, pick your destination and get out there!

Allegany County offers several bird watching groups that you can join. You’ll be making new friends, while you learn about the various species that surround you. The region is home to woodland, prey and water bird varieties, including eagles, turkey vultures, geese, and more than 60 species of songbirds. There is no wrong way to go birding in Allegany. You can witness colorful and majestic birds at the campgrounds, from a quiet kayak or even up close on the recreational trails that wind throughout the land. No matter what path you take, bird watching will become a passion that triggers you to slow down and appreciate what the great outdoors has to offer.

If you’re an experienced birder looking for a challenge try one of the New York State birder challenges:


If you are looking for a surprise

You never know what’s in store as you head into the heart of nature. As you embark on your nature adventure it’s wise to remember you are not alone out there, an array of local wildlife call the region home. You have the opportunity to see wildlife from all habitats throughout the county. Foxes, bears, and deer are some of the largest animals, but smaller critters and aquatic life are also present. You can learn more about the animals in the area by visiting the New York Nature Explorer guide.

The county values wildlife habitat management and protection, designating several areas that are open year-round including:

When visiting animal dense areas please be respectful and do not feed or handle any of the wildlife. Be cautious and patient, allowing animals to enter the area naturally. Take advantage of the Genesee River and kayak your way while watching wildlife. This quiet transportation also ensures that a safe distance is maintained and removes the temptation to approach the animals. If you are craving a hands on wildlife interaction consider casting a line from your kayak and fish the natural and stocked regions of the river. No matter what, make sure to pack your camera before the start of every outdoor adventure to document all your finds!

There is no shortage of fun in Allegany County. Break free from the city bustle and embrace your escape in a place that turns everyday into something extraordinary. Make the most of your trip by catching up on the latest news and outdoor trends in our visitor’s guide. If you’re a nature lover this is your paradise, get out there and discover all that Allegany County has to offer!